Can You Imagine Being an American Teenager at High School?


What do you think is different at an American school? Do students wear a school uniform? Do American high school students not take history or why do Americans know so little about world history? Is it really possible to take Culinary Arts (Kochkunst) or Speech (Reden halten) as a subject?

Ms. Deckert’s 11th grade English class went on a 3-week search for answers.


Just like an American school day, of course, our lesson also started with the Pledge of Allegiance (Treueschwur auf die Flagge).


At different stations the students could find out about various aspects of high school life: for example, the school system, the grades, extra-curricular activities (außerschulische Aktivitäten), or the famous school dances (e.g. prom, homecoming ball).


Graduation (High School Abschluss) is a very important event in the life of many American teenagers.


Pictures are worth more than a thousand words: the yearbooks (Jahrbücher) with lots of interesting photos of the school, each student, sport events, clubs, and daily life in general gave us a very good insight into what life at an American high school could look like.



Listening to „Girl Next Door” by Saving Jane.


American schedules (Stundenpläne) are usually very different from German schedules: a regular school day has 6 periods (Unterrichtsstunden) lasting from 8 AM to about 3 or 4 PM. American students have the same 6 subjects every day of the week.


Which classes can you take? In addition to the subjects we know from German schools, they also have these interesting classes, for example: Journalism, American Literature, British Literature, Biotechnology, Oceanography, Jewelry (Goldschmiedekunst), Sewing (Nähen), Pottery (Töpfern), Psychology, Finances, Business Studies, Mandarin, Web Design, Programming, Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Auto Shop, Health (Gesundheitskunde), Child Care, Agriculture… and yes, indeed, some schools actually offer Culinary Arts and Speech. By the way, every student has to take History.


Test yourself: How many U.S. states can you name? How many presidents do you know?


Our American language assistant, Allen Flint, has his own expert station: he offers cookies, coke, and a conversation.


Homecoming contest: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors (die amerikanischen Bezeichnungen der Klassen 9-12) compete against each other in a final quiz. In the end, the sophomores win with their motto “A sophomore gets the score!”